An open letter to women seeking self-healing...

An open letter to women seeking self-healing...

Understand... That healing requires a lot of things.

It’ll feel great
It’ll also feel terrible
You’ll have highs
You’ll have lows

You may feel stuck...push through!
Doing the work
...& Understanding

Understanding can simply mean not questioning, & rather letting things flow. Not everything needs to be questioned or delivered with a response, things can “just be.”

Most importantly, understand your body. That it loves you, it wants you to heal, it’s working *with* you and never against you. *Your body is on your side*, it’s not attacking itself & never has been, it’s been fighting for you this whole time!

Understand you don’t deserve your conditions, you didn’t manifest them. Understand we were put on this earth to thrive.

Our bodies are magic the way they work with us & for us.

They NEVER work against us. The things we put them in contact with work against us. Food, alcohol, beverages. Toxic environments, people, habits, & lifestyles. THOSE are what work against us.

Your body is going to tell you what it sure to listen.

Your body will resist what’s not good for it...don’t just brush that aside.

Also, understand that *you* are not other people. Don’t compare yourself. Don’t judge. Don’t hold jealousy, anger, resentment, sorrow, or hate. We must work on releasing all that does not serve our greatest good! Those things will keep us unwell.

Understand that the negative things people do are a reflection of *their* own wounds, *their* unhealed traumas. Understand that you’re above that.

Understand that you must step outside your comfort zone to break free from toxicity, negativity, & to heal.
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How to re-introduce yourself & kick your watered down-self in the ass!

How to re-introduce yourself & kick your watered down-self in the ass!
There’s levels to this. Many...many...levels!

Are you finding that as well?

Maybe you’re at the beginning of your healing journey from chronic illness or emotionally/mentally? You’ll see soon😉. The deeper you go, the more you’ll grow. That’s A FACT. 👊🏼

I thought my journey was only to heal chronic illness. Within the first couple of months I learned it was so much more. I was finding out who I was, what I wanted, I remembered my passions, I found my purpose & the reason I was put here! Joy & inner happiness had come back into my life.

And from then just WOW! That was only the SURFACE of it all! I’ve since been able to work through traumas, healing inner wounds, creating a business and the life I never thought was possible, & finally beginning to feel at home in my own body.

That’s the crazy thing about life that we aren’t often told...WE HAVE A CHOICE! WE get to decide the route we’re going to take, the path we’re going to pursue. WE get to decide h
ow to navigate our own life! Don’t like something? Get rid of it! Want something? Go after it!! When we know we want growth, that’s the first step to heal. When we surrender & make the decision to heal, we grow. The two go beautifully hand in hand.

The process isn’t all rainbows & butterflies, be prepared for that! The deeper you go, well, the *deeper* you go into places you didn’t even know existed within you.

Health flares happen of symptoms that’ll get you feeling like you’ve gone backwards. Emotional flares happen as past pain, anger, & traumas work their way through the surface. WORK through those deep uncomfortable places, be gentle with yourself, they WILL pass, & you’ll thank yourself that you did!

A couple tips for healing/growth work:
• journal: anything! thoughts; affirmations; gratitude
• use YL essential oils
• get out into nature
• eat clean (plants)• remove toxicity: people, places, things• exercise if you’re well enough to
• be present: reflect on your thoughts, emotions, & sensations as they come up (negative & positive)
• do kind things for yourself AND others
• REST, relax, vibe

Healing on any level is a marathon, not a race. Pace yourself, just please keep going💜🌺My kickstart course is coming soon- follow me to catch the release. 

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No Rush

No Rush
I knew you needed a laugh! How many of us can relate to that right now with distance learning taking place? Let's hope no-one has actually experienced it LOL! 
In all seriousness, though, what has been happening the past few weeks is traumatic in every sense. We are going through it collectively. Trauma is often thought of "too much too fast." Of course we are exhausted. Of course we are afraid. Of course we are itching to get back to normal. 
But in the rush to return to normal, let's use this time to consider which parts of normal are really worth rushing back to? If you think about it normal never was. Our pre-covid existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, depletion, disconnection, rage, hate and lack. We should not long to return to that.
When no major disasters are taking place, we get lulled into thinking the future is certain — that we’ll wake up in the morning, that we won’t get hit by a car on our way to work, that we won’t get fired, that we won’t pick up some terrible disease from the bacteria living on our computer keyboards. But the future is never certain — and we’re fortunate any time we get to pretend like it is.
I realize it’s not a particularly comforting thought to dwell on — that nothing is in our control, now or ever. But maybe we can find solace in the fact that yes, these are uncertain times, but they always are. And maybe, while absolutely nothing feels “normal” right now, we can take comfort in the uncertainty itself as the only normal we have.
When circumstances are out of your control, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by fear and negative emotions. You may think that bottling up how you feel, trying to put on a brave face, or forcing yourself to be positive will provide the best outcome. But denying or suppressing your emotions will only increase stress and anxiety and make you more vulnerable to depression. 
I can tell you that having a routine for your days is huge for emotional wellbeing. Each person in your household should have a routine that they follow. I  have been on one since the start of all of this to make sure I stay in a healthy mindset. I know how I can get if there is endless time available and no productivity. That is a no-no for me. 
So, here is what works for me...I wake up early and start gratitude journaling. I then put on my essential oils specific for how I am feeling or need to feel. Most days it has been the following oils (Endoflex for energy and thyroid support, gratitude, grounding, stressaway, present time, joy, progessence plus for hormonal balance and of course my CBD calm rollon.) I can't tell you how powerful and beneficial these oils have been for me during these timesGrab your own here!
On weekdays, I am teaching online all day. I check in with my students to make sure they are understanding their work and feeling well. Around noon, I check in with my family and we eat lunch. Once 3 pm hits, If it's a nice day we go on a family walk. Then we take advantage of all of us being home together at a reasonable hour and have a family dinner. Weekends are a free for all- we go with the flow depending on weather and things we have to catch up on. If you haven't made yourself follow a routine yet- go do so. You will feel much better. 
Here are some additional thoughts that have crossed my mind over the past few weeks-

For the parents...Since I changed my mindset from home-schooling to home-learning I've learned ballet from my daughter, she learned how to ride a bike and the importance of taking vitamins from me. We went on a scavenger hunt, we played hide and go seek countless times. We've laughed so hard our bellies hurt. Remember learning can happen in many ways. Go and learn together. 

For the teachers...Ditch those timers, scheduled tests/quizzes & mindless busy work. Let the students self-pace, watch recordings, have a personalized check in with you. That is what's cool now. We begged for no tests so let's stop teaching like they still exist. Teach kids. No one is going to be looking at their elementary or middle school report card. Make greater connections. Learn some new ways of technology yourself- even if you mess it up at first. 
Let's not rush. Let's breathe. Let's not live wondering about the future- that only creates anxiety. Let's stay right here right now. 

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