Mind of a hustler; heart of a queen
I love a hustler. I love someone who is unashamed about what they want for their lives and refuses to let anyone talk them out of it. I don’t mean that they never feel intimidated by their own audacity. I don’t mean that they don’t occasionally fall into the trap of other people’s opinions. The hustlers I know, they’re human and they face the same insecurities as the rest of us. But when push comes to shove, they don’t overthink it or debate it; they just put their heads down and get back to work. That’s what hustle means to me: it means that you’re willing to work for it, whatever it is, whatever you want, and you don’t assume anyone is going to give it to you, but you know it can be yours. Where are all my hustlers at?! 

Pressure is a privilege, I remind myself again and again. I thought I’d remind you too in case you’ve also got pressure in your life or your work this season. Pressure means that someone is counting on you. Pressure means you’re about to level up. Pressure is what makes a diamond— what a gift to be doing something that MATTERS enough to feel pressure! You WILL rise up in spite of this pressure. You’ll become who you’re meant to be because of this pressure. Accept it as the price of admission and go show us what greatness looks like! 👊🏻 
Mind of a hustler. Heart of a Queen.


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