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After decades of thinking that my debilitating symptoms were enemies, I switched gears and started to look at them as sacred messengers that were begging me to take better care of my health. From here, I found opportunities in the midst of the overwhelm & comedy in all of the chaos. Now, I use my experiences to empower others become self healers and learn to trust their bodies again. 
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Hello! I'm so glad that you arrived here! They say strength is in numbers right? Let's get stronger together! On my journey, I've found that you need to be loud about things that are important to you. So here I am. I hope my story resonates with you and helps you on your journey. 

I am an educator and a Williams syndrome advocate. Elliana, now 5, was the first to make me a mommy. Elyssa, now 1, added more blessings to our family. Grateful is an understatement. My husband Lou and I have been together for about ten years now. Married for three. He puts my domestication skills to shame. Red and Fendi, our two dogs, complete the chaos that ensues on the daily.

I'm 40. I've reached the age where sleeping with the wrong pillow feels like I fell out of a 12th story window. How did I get here? Actually, the number 40 doesn't bother me. The way I feel does. The way I STILL feel I should say. I've been on a search for answers since I was 12. Listed below is the short list of the mystery symptoms that have and sometimes continue to plague me...

* Cold intolerance
* Night sweats
* Irritability
* Anxiety
* Constipation
* Inability to lose weight
* Acne
* Chronic Fatigue
* Brain fog so debilitating I've had MRI's done
* Panic Attacks
* Hair loss
* Joint weakness

After years of advocating for myself, I finally got diagnosed with an Auto-Immune disease. I was hopeful that with medication to balance my thyroid I would start to feel better. However, this was not the case. I continued to struggle. The worst part for me was not having the energy to play with my girls. This was my breaking point. I knew that there had to be more that I could do to help myself. More proactive work needed to be done. And it will be done. I will reclaim my life. I will no longer be bound by the illness that chained me for so long. Understanding is the beginning of healing. 

My mission is to be a cultivator of information for you. To keep digging for answers. To look into all modalities for supporting the mind, body and soul and sharing my experiences with you. Some of it will be eye-opening. Some of it is comical. All of it truth. 

Let's work towards removing all of the barriers that create roadblocks for us and restoring balance in our bodies' natural ability to heal. Heal yourself,  first. The rest will come later. 


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